12km 8 miles

i power walk 12km evey day i have lost 5 pounds in weight in 2 weeks ive changed my diet to a healthy one
, im training to lose weight, im on 15mg of zyprexa and 40mg of seroxat, lately i can’t feel any better, there is a strong link between mind and body


Congratulations on your weight loss.

thanks Tanaka, i gotta keep going, i find walking long distance is very good

I admire your hard work. Good for you. It’s hard to change an entire lifestyle.

thanks J, i find there is a important link between mind and body, so im fixing my body and its helping mentally. ive changed my diet no more junk food, fresh fruit and veg are working wonders, my energy is sky high, good food is fuel all these little changes make a huge difference for well being