120 mg of Cymbalta

It helps a lot with the depression. But the sexual side effects suck. Should I ask the doctor to lower it to 60 mg or something or maybe 90 mg? I mean it works but I’m just not so sure it’s worth it. I gotta pick what’s more important: not being depressed or what…

No other antidepressants work. I probably wouldn’t even need an AP if it weren’t for my energy drink addiction. I have no motivation anyways even on meds and now I refuse to get ECT. I don’t need it. The doctor is just pushing it sometimes. Maybe he has good intentions. My memory already sucks.

I just suffer a lot from depression mainly and being under-stimulated a ton. I think if most people drank 6 monsters a day they would either die from a heart attack or stroke. I guess I’m lucky. Been doing it for years. I need to stop. The vraylar does help a lot. Makes me think I might just have psychotic depression or something. I did score a lot higher for psychotic depression than schizo-affective disorder but the intern psychologist decided to put schizo-affective disorder instead.

I guess I was super depressed, ashamed, embarrassed, sad, and felt inferior for getting Cs in my math classes, ruining graduate school, and getting Ds and Fs on my math test sometimes. That and dropping out of a prestigious college with 5 classes left to graduate. I’m pretty much over it and have moved on so not sure why I still would have psychotic depression…

I do feel sad that I am obese. I used to take pride in my appearance. Thank You.

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I’m on 60mg. It’s a good antidepressant but I have sexual side effects as well. I’ve been on it for about 5 months I think and things in that department haven’t improved. I am probably going to ask to go back to lexapro at my next appointment.

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You ever try effexor? Doctors won’t give it to me haha. My friend took it and said it worked well. I’ve tried wellbutrin several times. Do you know if wellbutrin is stronger than effexor or similar?

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I tried effexor before, really didn’t work. Antidepressants didn’t really work for me until I started taking rexulti. I think I’ve been on just about every one in the past 20 years. Most work for a week or two then fizzle out for some reason. I’ve read it could be due to having sza bipolar type?

Wellbutrin is like taking amphetamine or ritalin in my experience. It made me very anxious. But it works well for some people

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