12 ways airports are secretly manipulating you

Yeah I usually walk around the place in circles when I’ve cleared security and am waiting for boarding. There’s lots of stuff to buy or eat, I usually just wait for my plane. I got some cold fries in the Chicago airport last time, I was so hungry and I couldn’t wait. I was just happy that I was able to fly by myself without problems.


Last time I flew, they confiscated my body spray and tested my contact lens solution to make sure it was real saline. I didn’t go through the body scanner because I’ve read stories of TSA agents getting cancer from them. I had to be frisked like I was getting arrested. Other than that my experience was good. :confused:

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I avoid flying whenever possible. I refuse to pay that much to be treated that poorly.


I never really notice anything. I’m also pretty immune to impulse buying. I’m just an oblivious person trying to get on a plane :blush:

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I remember the golden days when flying was gawdamn expensive even for short flights and they treated you like kings and queens. Full meals on an hour flight. Now you get trail mix if your lucky!

I’ve done the hard yards too though. Getting out of America was like flying 21 hours in the air over one and a half days in economy. I was devastated when I arrived in Brisbane. Funny as. I got questioned by a customs dude waiting for my baggage and I went through all the bulldust but just said I wanted to go home. I was in a poor state after that trip and got a clean bill through customs!

I for one love flying and I love airports still!


I used to fly all the time just for fun. But now with my anxiety I don’t like it much. Actually, I mostly still like it, but layovers and switching planes freaks me out every time. I refuse to fly without a chaperone anymore.