12 hours until my flight departs

Just spoke with la femme after waking up from a nap. Don’t think I’ll be able to fall asleep tonight.

Car is starting to iron out. It’s idling properly again. The sludge theory might actually be valid in explaining why the timing is off. I’ll drive it until the end of the month and get another oil change. Hopefully it’s all ironed out by then and I don’t have to replace the timing mechanism.


additionally it would seem someone’s car window got busted out in my parking lot… that’s effing great. People smashing windows and I’m about to leave town for 3 days.

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Hey yo @Apathy

My burrito ^

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That fork looks like nonsense. You have to lick the plate clean.


Hah, (i do what I want)

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Good luck with your flight

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Wow I took 5 mgs of melatonin and had a series of dreams that were the worst I’ve had in a while.

First, I was in combo sprint store/parking garage/airport mess of ■■■■■■■■. The tellers were telling me I was a day late for my flight but I kept checking my phone and it still said the 17th. I eventually chucked it off the 3rd floor. There were some kids messing around in the lot outside so I ran down there to retrieve it but it was busted as hell. I couldn’t even call my mom to figure out what was up with the flight. Ran back inside and chaos erupted. Then of all people donald trump walks in… I start barking at him about the madness that was going on. He said something along the lines of “look… you gotta try and take […it all in].” He was morphing into more of a gary bucey/ hellboy type charcter, but I had just realized I was dreaming and will myself awake.

I was so pissed that I had woken up after only 2 hours of sleep and I was also afraid of going back to sleep so I laid there for a while. Eventually drifted off.

Dream #2

I was at some souped up version of my cousins old house. Watching them play video games. It was a variant of the sims. Eventually they went to sleep so it was my turn. It just turned out I made a few female characters running around in their panties and I was taking snapshots. When I was looking at the games photo album my uncle walks in and I had to explain what I was doing. Not so tormenting but still a stressful theme. Willed myself back to consciousness again.

Dream #1.5

So again I’m at a train station, my mother and some familiars are there with me. It was just noise and chaos and was still about me not making it to Chicago. Didn’t last long, drifted into another dream.

Dream #3

This was the last one. I was sitting in the passenger seat of a car that was being driven by one of the dealers I used to know back in high school. He handed me a baggy and I ponied up the cash, only to look down and see I already had a baggy so I handed them both to him so he could choose which one he meant to give me. One seemed more sizable than the other so I was trying to get him to give me the one in the ziplock… He instead insists that we find another parking spot. He drives pretty chaotically. Doing an unecessary 7 point turn and still doesn’t line up right in the parking space. He sits there and smiles for a minute then all the sudden someone opens the car door, shoots me in the leg, and then shoots me in the torso. He is still just sitting there smiling as I pretend to be incapacitated with my eyes closed while the assailant does whatever he came there to do (aside from shoot me in the head).

Woke up again from that about 45 minutes ago.

The themes… Unpreparedness, distaste for bureaucracy, mixed feelings about authority, love for video games, some pervyness, getting caught for mild perversion, drugs, fear… death…

Helluva night.

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and here’s a pretty obscure song… sounds like interpol

4 hours to go…Where are you, Azley, heading to?

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Chicago… The only real city in the midwest

Cool. I often confuse Chicago with San Francisco.

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Hah, I used to confuse all sorts of stuff about eastern asia.

Japan is probably the easiest to recognize as they have a strong culture presence here. China of course. Then all the other nations slowly fell into place.

Don’t expect I could keep all the cities straight though.

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Same here. I do actually memorize the geographical location of virtually every European countries, as well as major cities in the U.S.

Likewise, I have difficulty, too, in memorizing the other countries from South East Asia especially those surrounding Thailand.

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What a put down.

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