100 Annoying things that stupid people say

I’ve said some of these before. But not after I read this. http://voices.yahoo.com/100-annoying-things-stupid-people-say-4867206.html


twerk, …,

I love these sorts of things…rhetoric is something that a lot of people lack skill in. I can be very articulate when I need to (my docs refused to believe I was schizophrenic at one point because I was so articulate with my speech)

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i was just looking for ‘does my bum look big in this’ haha

wasnt there though lol
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the problem is with communication schizophrenic people some of them don’t make sense.I believe there to be an imbalance like there is with me in body language.if we adhere true to our higher logic and reasoning,we can rule out in ourselves much gibberish that we may hear from other people.we are the highest form of animal on this planet I don’t care what religion you are.the beautiful thing is that even animals all animals have their own universal way of communicating. like how come some animal trainers can relate with lions bears and things of that nature?well I guess I am on one thanks for reading have a great day.

The scale of worth:

  1. Intelligent and kind

  2. unintelligent but still kind

  3. unintelligent and unkind

  4. intelligent and unkind

It is the unkind and intelligent that ruin everything, smart this smart that, it is our intelligence killing all of these people, because we’re cruel, we don’t have the heart to go with it.