10 years of musterbation leading to hearing voices

I have been musterbating dince 12 yrs ols stopped at 19 then started hearing voices at 20.i was convinced they could hear me think as they talked to me.i was then diagnosed with schizophrenia could the musterbation be the cause

I once thought that all the wasted sperm had turned into dead children that would have existed if I had put it in a vagina. Was pretty messed up. They were very angry with me.

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Masturbation is normal and healthy. 12 is a normal age to start exploring your sexuality.


My first time pulling the goalie I was 14 some girl on Internet gave me a boner and she said go play with it so I did

If it was true masturbation led to hearing voices, then virtually all men in the world would have sz diagnosis. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


masterbation doesnt lead to voices, it just makes you think, where the â– â– â– â–  do I meet a girl like this

hey scribbber…whats the pussy taste ppl ike?

Where You from? …Arkinsa ?..

Holy â– â– â– â–  no that did not cause it. That theory went extinct in psychology a long time ago.

no brother …you NEED to release…it’s perfectly natural.

I really overdid the wanking.the voices are really convincing.are there ways to stop them?

Getting prescribed the correct medicines would be a GREAT start. If you’re not currently seeing a psychiatrist, now might be time.

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sage in all fields

if all else fails maybe …

There is an error in your thinking when you connect your maturbating with coming down with SZ. Faulty logic is typical of SZ. You connect one thing to another and before you know it you think you murdered someone who died. Anyway, SZ usually comes on around 20 with men. Voices are annoying and frustrating and can be harmful because they insinuate themselves into your thinking and distort it and make it seem as if you aren’t in control of your thinking any more. I agree with alien99. See a psychiatrist and get some medication.

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Am on olanzapine but it only makes me sleep more the voices tell me am a homo all the time and it really makes me mad,crazy and upset

i . . . haven’t heard this one before.

No am from kenya

Too much of a good thing might not be. (I have seen compulsive masterbaters who wound up in the ER in pretty bad shape; most had been doing coke or meth for too long.) But in general, it all comes down to the degree of conflicts induced by the moral beliefs one was trained to accept and live by. Figure it this way, for example: Those who masterbate in place of hooking up with the wrong partners are less likely to wind up with either children or STDs they don’t want.

You need to strive against such thinking. It isn’t rational and it isn’t healthy.