10 years left. What to do?

Figured I only have roughly ten years left alive, since sz takes away 15-20 years and coupled with my heavy smoking, drinking and dismay for life I’ve “only” got 10 years back.

And still I’m wasting away life by doing absolutely nothing but fighting this joke of a disease.

What to do?

I know this post is making no logical sense.

Makes perfect sense.

  1. If you feel you have an addiction to alcohol, then consider going to AA at some point, even if just to check them out

  2. If you’re getting worried about cigarettes, then ask your doctor about quitting or just get into the ecig scene.

On the plus side, schizophrenics who take meds and are in regular contact with their medical team live a lot longer than those who aren’t.

One tip I’ll give you is when you start to think that far ahead, it’s probably escapism from the present. So look at what you could be doing now.


Travel if you can and fall in love


Good advice, but I wish…


Women Love schizophrenic men, they fall over themselves to be with them. & travelling is great on Welfare payments.


I wont get paid travelling, though, I think. Maybe. Hmm-.oh sarcasm

Well get a copy of halo 2 PC man…(I’m trying to get people behind the idea)

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my craptop wont run it

hah… well if you’re sure… that game is hella old now

my 1.5x2 ghz 4 gigs ram runs it

You could go on a volunteering trip for about 2 months at a really cheap price. Asia, latin america. Maybe middle east if it’s safe.


hmm. Then I should be able to but I ain’t got no $$

I like the idea though…the 51’st brigade of sz warriors!

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20$ is all you need… I’ll probably look into some tunneling software to make sure no one has to pay to play… it’d be like system link… I haven’t done that in about a decade so hopefully the internet has sped up a bit and latency won’t be an issue…

quit smoking for like 4 days or something

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Take in the view :sunglasses:

Watch nature documentaries :deciduous_tree:

Smoke the Newport to the butt like its the last mother ■■■■■■ left -Tupac song

Or quit…it could be 20 years left


I was photographing the local business awards here in town last night. I was nominated for one of them – community spirit – but didn’t think I stood much of a chance of winning because of the nature of my competition. I’m a one man band and I was up against established businesses that have been here forever and donate tens of thousands of dollars to local causes. And I’ve only been in this community for just over a year.

I took home the award. Me. The whackdoodle.

It turns out you can fight off voices, push back delusions, and STILL make such a difference in your community that about fifty neurotypicals come up to you to congratulate you and tell you they wish they had your drive and energy. Not one of them has a clue about how much water my boat takes on every day and how much time I spend bailing vs. sailing.

Having SZ doesn’t stop us from mattering. It doesn’t stop us from contributing. The only thing that stops is us is US. The best treatment for this illness is an attitude that says, “I’m going to kick ass and chew bubble gum.” Oh, and? I ran out of bubblegum years ago.



congrats @Pixel thats pretty awesome-

how old are you - may i know?. thanks

Mic drop. :heart_eyes_cat:

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just turned 28…

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Awe that made me all teary-eyed. thanks for that! :heart: