10 year anniversary

It’s been a long time since I’ve visited this forum. I don’t plan on making it a habit to post.

Today marks 10 years since the last time I walked out of a psych ward. I have no doubt that the primary reason I have been able to avoid being hospitalised is medication compliance.

The reason I’m posting is to let those struggling know that things can get better, that this illness can be managed, and that medication is a vital part of treatment.

Recovery isn’t easy, it takes a great deal of patience. The often long journey to find the right medications, dealing with side-effects, even just getting up the motivation to try can make recovery seem impossible, but it is possible. Don’t give up.

When I used to visit this forum there were always people who were very opposed to medication and even psychiatry in general. There were so many who promoted “alternative” treatments. Take a close look at those around you and you’ll notice that those who follow traditional treatment do better while the rest always seem worse, that’s no coincidence.

Before I go, I want to give a nod to some great people I’ve known here: @rogueone, @neutralhills, @jukebox, and yes, @SzAdmin. RIP Dugal.



I always liked you in the old days

I used to be creativecravings

we had some good convos

good to see you again

no worries, those who post non meds aren’t treated very well

by the mods

congrats on better health


I remember Lord Malvok! Glad you are doing well. I used to post on the old forums as well as Dook. Hope things continue to get better and better for you.


Great message, thank you!

wow, you posted !! I miss you horribly on here…always good to hear from you !! great post too. by the way.


Wow nice to see you around @Malvok!


Looked over the forum a bit and noticed a few familiar usernames but one stood out. While he and I occasionally butted heads, there is no denying @firemonkey 's dedication and contribution to this forum. His work is impressive.


@Malvok I honestly can’t remember our run ins. I just hope life is treating you well. There’s many great posters here. It’s good to be able to help a little.


Hey Friend…I’ve been back here for a while now. It’s different to the old days but I suppose the message is still the same and it’s always good to see a friendly face! Hope today finds you well!


To be honest, I’ve probably butted heads with just about everyone here at some point.


This will probably be my last post for a while. Before I go, I want to apologize to the forum member I abused in my final posts before I left. I’m sorry that I don’t remember your username.

The insulting, homophobic, and just plain shitty posts were made to push Brian to delete my account, as I felt he was dragging his feet.

I chose to attack you purely because you were there, it wasn’t any real animosity towards you in particular.

While the views I expressed in those posts do not reflect my true feelings, they were reprehensible and I accept all fault for posting them.

I am truly sorry for those attacks.


His name was darksith and he isn’t here anymore because you bullied him offsite.


Unless you’re referring to the member who you stalked until you found his irl identity and posted it publicly.

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that’s no excuse

I remember when Patrick started a whole thread
where everyone on here slammed me left and right

I’m still here.

and the mods kept it going for over 30 comments

Actually, a Google search reveals the name of the forum member. @anon9798425.

Malvok also called me a ■■■■■■ and said a lot of other rude stuff before his account got deleted. Good riddance. I’m glad you, Rhubot and cj are still around.

I have no doubt that I have helped drive other members away from this forum. It is not something I’m proud of having done.

The “stalking” revealed a user engaging in a number of deceptive behaviors that were harmful to the forum. Any information I may have posted was public record.

notmoses was caught pushing stuff claiming it was backed by studies when that was not the case. He was also caught pushing a bizarre program he made up himself as an actual therapy (it’s AA’s 12 steps with the religion removed). Finally, he would NOT stop going into the Family forum and harassing family and caregivers despite having been asked to desist from doing so on numerous occasions. He is NOT welcome back here under any circumstances. The strange co-dependent relationship he had with a particular user on this site was part of the problem, but not the largest part by any means.

No need to re-hash the rest at this time.

I would think that as moderator @ninjastar, you would at least try to avoid starting conflict or derailing what was meant as a positive thread. At the very least, one would expect a moderator to post truthful comments.

@anon9798425 As I now know that it was you who I attacked, I just want to apologize to you directly. I am sorry.

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As a moderator, it’s my job to protect the forum. Sometimes, this means warning others about users with a history of aggressive and harmful behavior.

@ninjastar, clearly your posts in this thread were not “warnings” to other forum members. They were false and misleading messages directed at me personally. It’s funny how you try to spin them, but your posts are there for all to see and your intent is obvious.

In any case, I’m done.

There is no excuse for revealing someone’s identity publicly. I have not misrepresented anything. I’m sorry that I didn’t list every single member you personally harassed on here. That would be quite a long post. I stuck to the most egregious offenses.

@SzAdmin Brian, could you please lock this thread so as to avoid its derailment and/or deletion? Additionally, could you delete this account? I thought I saw an option to delete an account earlier but perhaps that was only available before posting.