10 Months Today Off of Cigarettes!

I still get the urge, but it is less frequent. I think I look a bit better and certainly breathe easier.

When people talk about ‘all of the money you’ll save’…etc…well, that’s just nonsense. You spend it in other areas like snack foods.

Anyhoo, just thought I’d give some of you who are thinking of quitting a bit of hope. I’ll try to keep my streak going! :slight_smile:


yayyy…good for you @Patrick you rock.


Yeah it’s hard getting off the really addictive weed which is nicotine.

These days I’d spend your time doing healthy things like exercise and working on your diet. Yes. It was a problem for me getting off the drug doing nothing so I didn’t move forward with any decent conviction.

Seriously. Look into your diet and exercise. Keep moving because your less of a target but look into what your eating because it really can make a difference to mental health as well…

Hang in there matey. I was a nicotine slave for 25 years of my life and getting off the drug was best thing i ever did for my health hands down!


Keep on a trucking

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Nice job. I actually have been free of cigarettes for a long time now. But I am vaping so I probably dont get credit for upgrading.

It FEELS like it is not as bad, because I dont wake up with the sore throats and have to walk around a bit before my lungs are fully cleared some mornings. Whether it IS significantly healthier or not, I dont know.

Well done @Patrick ! Keep off them !

Congrats Patrick! :clap:

I like that saying lol

Good going @Patrick!! I’m so proud of you! Quitting cigarettes is the very best thing you can do for yourself. Keep on trucking!

Congrats @Patrick.

I’m planning on quitting soon. I did it before a couple times, latest one being recent, and I plan on doing it again.

Congratulations!!! That’s awesome!!!

Congrats dude :sunglasses:

So wonderful ! I quit smoking from one day to another. Reading books kept me occupied. All I learned, one change at a time. Feeling overwhelmed by the diet changing.

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You can do it! It’s totally worth it. I smoked for about a year and a half in the Army, but I was able to quit. There are so many good reasons to quit smoking!

We’re pulling for you, Patrick! You can do it!

That’s an awesome achievement, you should be proud. I know myself how difficult it is to quit smoking as it took me seven attempts to stop. But it was the best decision I made regarding my health as I also have type two diabetes. Well done :+1:t4:

Good job :+1: @Patrick