10 minutes between posts on the Selfie thread

Anyone seen this?

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I’m getting it too. Never seen it before.


Hi guys. Yes, it’s only in the selfie thread. It’s just an experiment to see if we can cut down on spamming of selfies a bit. Someone may make an ‘official’ announcement at some point soon.


It slows down the people who compulsively post three nearly identical selfies in a row.


We all know who is compulsively posting their selfies of their hammers. :smirk::smirk::smirk: @Bowens

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We put the selfie thread in something called “Slow Mode”. This is a setting in the Discourse forum software that is intended to slow down the ability for a user to post in rapid succession on a thread that has the " Slow Mode" setting turned on.

We are trying this " Slow Mode" setting out on the selfie thread as we thought this might be a potential solution to cut down on rapid succession posting on the selfie thread by some users.

We tested this “Slow Mode” out briefly on a test thread yesterday to try and figure out how it works. As far as we can tell, the way “Slow Mode” works is that it slows down a user’s ability to quickly post successive posts by setting a minimum time between posts (on the selfie thread that minimum time is currently set at 10 minutes). If a user has posted on the selfie thread, they will not be able to post again until 10 minutes after their previous post. However, if another user wants to post on the selfie thread, they should be able to post immediately, as long as they have not posted in the last 10 minutes.

We’ll see how this “Slow Mode” works on the selfie thread and whether this setting is helpful or not.


if that is on thread would people still be able to reply if someone replies back to them or would they still have to wait 10 minutes? or is it like u just cant post in a single row for 10 min?

Im not 100% sure, but I assume that once a user posts on a Slow Mode thread, they cant post again until the time period is up, regardless of the circumstances.

As I understand it from Discourse, this Slow Mode setting option was provided in the forum software as a way to slow down the rapid succession posting on threads with contentious or intense topics so that users have time to be more thoughtful in their responses.

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If it works it’s a good idea @Moonbeam

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I think it said 6 minutes. I”m not sure.

Good policy from previous experience but after like a couple of weeks away it was a journey to get through the selfie thread.

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