10-15 years of rent and the place is mine

me and dad were talking about it. he says my rent is going towards the purchase of the place. haven’t agreed to a price yet though. he bought it as a temporary house, while they were having their new home built. I think he overpaid for it believe it or not for 80k. a 2br 2 bath trailer. the guy selling it wife had just died and he was looking to move on, he got to talking about it to my dad and my dad bought it. they fixed it up a little. put in new tile floors and some carpet. it doesn’t sound like much probably but it has two covered porches, one in the front and one in the back and it has a creek behind the house where you can put in a kayak or go fishing. it has a big old red barn on the property as well. and of course a couple acres to garden on.

it’s perfect for me, plenty of space, in fact all 3 of us lived here together for a year. and now it’s just me in here. I was kicking around the idea of getting a roommate but decided to hold off on that.

the only downsides is I would have to commute to work if I go back to work and all the traffic that goes by.

my first place. it is what it is.


Congrats man. You never forget your first place. I wish I had a few acres

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i agree congrats. I wish i had some acreage too. sounds great!


It sounds really nice @Lifer.

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here’s a couple pictures of my living room/ dining area. it’s the only part of the house I’ve decorated so far. i’m pretty much done decorating, but im going to get some houseplants in here for the windows.


and here’s a picture of the front porch. it’s a little messy, still haven’t gotten to it. im thinking im going to buy a tent and set it up out here.

Cool! Better to buy from anything but a bank if you can. Almost always get a better deal. For example, a 200K house at a 30-year fixed rate (and a good rate at that) will cost roughly 500K to pay off when it’s all over with. Just bear in mind that your current “rent” will turn into something called “property tax” when it’s titled in your name.

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