1 year its been

its been almost 1 year i got schizophrenia. since then i can not laugh fully dnt feel that happy dnt get goosebumps.low motivation. i tied noose at least 3 times but do not have the guts to commit suicide.only sleeping and eating gives little happiness in my office people say you look lost.i wonder.when the hell things will change. why i have to live like this.why and for how long?

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It might take a while, but things can get better. For me, it is appreciating the simple things that improves my mood - the view out a window, a good meal, a good program on TV. Look for little things that make you feel better and try to enhance them. Try not to see your life as destined for endless misery. Don’t look into the future and tell yourself things will be just as bad then.


thanks. but i only feel happiness in sleeping and eating. n i have put on a lot of weight, the problem there is no cure and very little improvement in negative symptoms treatment. how can i be hopeful?

I felt like that for a long time, but step by step I worked on it along with trying different medications and today I can say I feel happiness, I do have my moments like everybody else but I concentrate on the good stuffs I have in my life. It will take some time but ultimately is your decision to try or stop trying. I chose to try and I definitely feel better today.
I send you a big hug and the best wishes!!!


Maybe you could talk to your doctor about getting a med change. Sometimes AP’s can get you down. Abilify and Latuda are drugs that might be appropriate for you. Talk to your doctor about them.

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I am on abilify.but the problem is with negative symptoms. And treatment of that is not promising till date

maybe you need an antidepressant? have you talked to your doc? I have phases like that also but it goes away… maybe the med is not working for you…

No it’s more about negative symptoms. Lack of motivation.I took antidepressant earlier but had no positive effect

I had that too for a long time but it’s gonna go away… coffee helps me. do things that you love… I know I lack motivation to work out also but you need to control yourself and push yourself. If you just sit and say ooh i have negative symptoms, they’re not gonna go away. you need to step up :point_up_2:


you can also try sarcosine… I know it has mixed reviews but it worked for me, it might really work for you. You won’t lose anything if you can afford it to try it

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Raghu, I have paranoid schizophrenia with mostly negatives symptoms. I know, theyre painfull… I tried antidepressants, they didn’t work. the only thing is to move ourselves even if we don’t want. like waterway told you I take coffees :slight_smile: I cant feel pleasure in anything anymore. I spent years with my negatives symptoms… you should start doing something. go on the market for your food for example. see your friends outside on coffee etc etc… don’t push yourself a lot but try to do it when you can. like lots of people say here, make baby steps and probably it will come… :slight_smile:


Man, you have the hardest of mental illnesses and yet you are working! That is huge.
I’m not saying you shouldn’t always seek better, but have some patience and give yourself a break.
If you are that functional only within a year, you can only hope for the best to come.


With time and effort you can learn techniques that help you deal with the negative symptoms. I have gotten a lot better the past year because I started to write down what to do (helps with memory problems) and started trying to change my thinking. Used to be more tired all the time and did only a fraction of what I am able to do now.


Recommended treatment time for one episode is 1 to 2 years. You could start reducing your does now or wait another 6 months then reduce. What does your pdoc say?

@seriouslydisturbed I am on 5 mg abilify. He says this the minimum dose for maintenance. For future i need to plan

@Sarad Thanks for kind words :relaxed:. Do you have negative or positive symptoms prominent?

I can do the basic things.i am doing full time job. But i want to hit gym and do exercise. Also i lack in emotions. You dnt get frustrated coz of negative symptoms? How did you manage?

@waterway there are certain side effects reported on sarcosine on wikipedia about prostate cancer

Took me at least three years to stabilize on meds and start feeling better. Don’t give up!



in my negative symptoms I am ometimes calm but sometimes I get angry,yes. I know what you re meaning when you say you lack emotions…I was to a point that I was a robot like, angry and really autistic… I lack pleasure know. I don’t know if it will come cause its hard to always struggle without relief… my paranoia is bad, I have the feeling that I suffocate when I am around people. and meds don’t help me for this…
I started to exercice one week ago cause my zyprexa is a bit energising :slight_smile: I do exercise bike at home. but I still remain inactive for lot of things. my pdoc was saying that I will always have my negative symptoms but what does she knows. cause with efforts, I think that we can make it :smile:
take care