1 Was too many, 1000 was never even an option

In AA they say “1 is too many, 1000 is never enough”

For me

1 was too many

1000 was never even an option

Because of my schizo-affective I can’t tolerate much.

I dunno if I’m an addict. Just a schizo-affective person who can’t tolerate illegal drugs and alcohol AT ALL.

1 hit of weed will set me off. 1000 hits is never even an option. 1 beer makes me depressed. 1000 I never even thought about.

This is why I checked myself into IOP. Not because I was drinking too much, but because I know I can’t afford to drink much at all.

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I’m glad your keeping an eye on it… and trying to get better and live healthier…

If your feeling better… finding a better way to live… finding peace within yourself… feeling stronger… I wouldn’t worry about that question.

I think all of us have addictive personalities… I think it’s part of the wiring from this illness…

so did the illness cause addiction… or did addiction cause the illness? Can’t answer that one…

But I can do what I can to feel stronger and more in control of my life.

Make today better then yesterday… and tomorrow better then today. :v:


Earlier last Spring I started to drink my favored cinnamon goldschlagger, but it dried out my brain. I also regret drinking earlier in my life, it brings up embarassing stories where I acted out. Drinking should’ve never occured in my life…

Tomorrow is my one year sobriety, I’m gonna bake a cake to celebrate


Well done Minnii, keep up the good work. :sunny:

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Thanks dud :smile:

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:joy: I’m so proud of you minnii :joy_cat:

Seriously though that’s impressive