1 month off Olanzapine

Try ltheanine for insomnia

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Yeah,I was diagnosed with schizophrenia 17 years ago.

I work 2 jobs…

  1. Part time delivery driver
  2. Freelance computer technician

Yeah, I take 1.5mg clonazepam, 5mg Glycine and 200mg l-theanine before bed every night. In the morning I take 100mg of l-theanine, I find it has anxiolytic properties and keeps me relaxed throughout the day.

Life is definitely different after I developed schizophrenia, but it’s better now that I am on a new medication. I couldn’t work before when I was on Olanzapine, and some of my interests have come back, but like I said things are not the same as they use to be.

Intrusive thoughts yes…and it’s olanzapine that helps me most with it, that’s why I can’t quit medication. I could maybe switch to some other AP though.

I have racing thoughts, but olanzapine compresses my emotions. I wish I could feel more, but I guess at the same time you get more vulnerable when the emotions are working. If it wasn’t for the intrusive thoughts I would quit olanzapine though.

Yes, I can’t function off meds, I get racing thoughts, get paranoid, can’t sleep and go into psychosis.

Life is harder on meds than off if we had functioned normal, that’s for sure.

No, I don’t have kids, and no partner for a real long time. I have been struggling with my physical health as well, so I haven’t really been up to it. I hope it will change.

Thanks for the tip. Omega 3 works for me, but I can’t use inositol, bad reaction. L-theanine I tried, but I’m not sure if it does anything for me. Valerian root with lemon balm and hops seems to be good to deal with anxiety for me.

Good luck quitting, but do reconsider or talk to your doctor if you feel worse, or things get out of control. Life is not over because of the drugs, and if you find out you can’t quit now, that doesen’t mean it will be impossible to quit some time in the future.

I feel exactly same about meds as you wrote. What kind of intrusive thoughts do you get?You have totaly all symptoms as me just extra I have rapid mood swings when my mind is racing and Iam just crying they are the worst I take lithium orotate for it, but I did not find total cure. I really want to quit meds, because I felt like suicide a lot and I decided to try without meds. The worst are mornings on olanzapine. I hope to find something else. I hate how I totaly stopped to do sports. I love sports and since taking olanzapine I did only cycling and swimming. Since my illness started I first time started to feel jealous of people when they are healthy and they can have just normal life sleep naturaly and so on have kids, work, do sports. I wish all good to everybody just feel sorry for myself. Did your illness got better with time?Did you try other AP or not?They tried me on rispen and abilify, but it was not good for me. Have you heard of Raloxifene. I was reading they tried it on many women and it improved psychotic symptoms. I would give it a try only its hormone and I do not like hormones so much. I do also suffer more before and during periods. Do you have same?I mean if you are female. Pitty we do not live in the future Iam sure it will be treatable and not with antipsychotics.

I was writing with person who switched from olanzapine to lurasidone that is Latuda I think and he says its much better than olanzapine. I still find all antipsychotics I tried nasty meds. Sorry to be negative.

In my case Lurasidone(Latuda) is much better than Olanzapine, and at a much smaller dose relatively speaking. I was on 40mg of Olanzapine and am now on 60mg of Lurasidone, but I think I remember reading 60mg of Lurasidone is equivalent to about 10mg of Olanzapine, yet at 10mg of Olanzapine I became psychotic, yet now on Lurasidone I am stable.

But there are other people on this forum that had a bad experience with Lurasidone so my experience is just that, mine. I also tried abilify and that didn’t work. Then I tried haldol, that kept my psychosis at bay but the side effects were bad so I quit. You basically have to shop around until you find something that works without side effects, or side effects that are minimal or manageable.

I’ve had schizophrenia for 17 years, yet it was only a few years ago I stumbled across Lurasidone, it hadn’t even been invented when I was first diagnosed, so there is always hope that the future will bring about something that works better than anything you have tried or that is currently available.

Its great you are stable. I will try without meds I will see how I go. For my psychosis 2.5mg Olanzapine was enough, but still I had huge mood swings. Not sure what to do about that. Mood stabilizators did not help. Taking supplement lithium orotate now helps a bit. Its so bad with mood swings I think of suicide when I have them. Side effects of olanzapine lack of motivation, sleepiness and tiredness make me to quit it. After trying rispen, quentiapine, abilify, mood stabilizators and antidepressant with horrible side effect Iam tired of experimenting. I think APs have horrible side effect always make person tired. I as well changed a lot of psychiatrists. I will see how I go I wish I found something that would keep me long term stable without bad side effects. I had very good life before my illness started. Its hard to accept my life now. I have it for3 years now. Before I was high performing at jobs, travelled World. Now Iam scared what job I will do. When I get mood swing I just cry. I did few jobs for few months full time and I quitted after few months I could not handle stress. Emotionaly Iam very weak. Now I know when I quit olanzapine I will feel psychotic, will have intrusive and racing thoughts and will have mood swings with crying. On other side I will have motivation and I will be able to do sports every day. Still I do not have answer how I will live long term in this condition. Iam scared of future. Sorry to write you all this, but Iam really happy that you are stable. There are many people out there too who are not stable. Iam 4th day quitting olanzapine I take quarter pill of 2.5mg I still sleep at night, but I wake up, but having more dreams. Not sure how it will go.
So how many hours a week do you work?I moved from Slovakia to Hungary and I as well do not take any dissability benefit. I am in new country with this condition. It makes me scared how I will live.

Finding the right job is difficult and takes some time. I only work part time. about 15ish hours per week. I am also on disability.

I hope I will find that right way in life. What do you do when you are not working?

Thanks. When I am not working I mostly watch TV or surf the Internet.

My parents are older now, in their 70’s so I have things I have to do around the house. Stuff like cut the grass in summer, snowblow the driveway in winter, cook my parents dinner, take out the garbage, do the grocery shopping, I drive my parents to all their doctors appointments. I’m a high functioning schizophrenic so it feels like I take care of them more than they take care of me, but they do help me out financially sometimes and let me live at home, but I pay rent.