1 in 3 will get a belt

i read somewhere, over-all 1 in 3 will get bogged down with a mental health issue and will need medical attention

no one is bullet proof from mental trauma in their life

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I have a younger brother who is not Sz or bipolar or anything, but he is going through something dark and we can all see he’s suffering. But he refuses help. He is still functioning through his work day… thus far.

Just think of the people who are suffering and never get diagnosed with anything.

sorry to hear jay…

imo the unlucky ones are not alive now, suicide has unfortnaley taken them, many don’t get the assistence they need

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I think that is referring to one episode of something, not a real lasting case of anything. Like one panic attack in someones life. One two week depressive episode. One day of mania. One instance of something.

Not one in three are classified as mentally ill. That aint right.

It may be 1in 3 as anxiety, addiction, depression are I do believe considered to be MI and we are surrounded by these alone.

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