‘1 in 12 children persistently hear voices’



Isn’t sz 1/100. Obscure. I’m still unconvinced by all this child schizophrenia. I know from experience it hit at peak adult brain growth.


Children have fantastical minds and imagination and whatnot. I’m guessing that most these kids don’t end up actually getting sz.

U know in some countries in underdeveloped countries I think Nepal is the most common but they consider it weird to not have auditory hallucinations.


Bizzare. We’re still so so far behind with understanding psych. I can’t wait until they find the true answer!


Well I should correct myself. I don’t think they find it “weird” but in Nepal, according to the book Surviving schizophrenia, like 30% of Nepali people hear voices. And countries in africa and South America have higher rates too! It’s weird!

They’re considered to be spiritual ,the voices I’m sure.

I also read that in 3rd world countries that schizophrenic voices are “nicer” than in more western countries


Unsurprised about voices being nicer. We live in wooden boxes where we work 9-5-more until death. Slave cult we are. No room for us SHAMAN


I think this report says that if parents react negatively when their kids tell them they hear voices, the kids voices can change from benevolent and comforting to malign and distressing.