1 hour of magic

It starts when the suns not quiet up yet, but the sky is starting to lighten.

The stars fade into the sky

The tide begins to let go of the shore and more of the beach is suddenly free to walk on.

The otters and the seals are still enjoying an early breakfast… not bothered by me being there.

There are no cars and lawn mowers and man mechanical noises out yet, so the air is still dominated by bird song and lapping waves.

Finally a sliver of light cracks the sky wide open

And like a starts pistol… the day is off and running.

Sunrise on the beach

It’s one hour of magic


I’ve always hated the beach

Aw, what a beautiful moment :smile:

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I live near beach Blackpool
I always have recurring dream about the sea rising in a tsunami type end of world crap

Beach life isn’t for everyone…
I can dig it…

I’m sure where you are… there is some beauty and serenity that helps you enjoy.

A wide open prairie… a great forest… a river… a mountain… a hidden lake… :v:

Wow… I’ve never been to Blackpool… But I’ve seen shows on it…
I hear that is a very busy and hustle bustle place…

I could imagine it can get very atmospheric when it’s busy and empty.

A walk along the prom is nice
During winter it can be like a ghost town

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Oh i’ve been to blackpool, I like blackpool. I just hate like sand and things touching me.

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There’s something like that where I live. I don’t go outside at night any more but I used to go out to my back yard sometime around midnight and the yard looked beautiful. I don’t know how to describe it. We have a very strange type of night where I live. The clouds are usually thick, they distort and filter the moonlight and make the night look purple instead of black. The big green light we have in our bayou works some magic of its own and you can see the moon beams themselves. The way they interact with the magnolias, other deciduous trees, and the evergreens is beautiful, but nothing is more beautiful than the moonbeams on the magnolia leaves at 2am in the middle of winter.

It didn’t happen every night though. Just every once in a while.

A bayou is basically a southern word for ‘ditch’.


Wow! How can anyone hate the beach!

I took a walk last night at 4 am… Only saw a handful of cars… one other person walking… 2 cop cars.

Other than that it was just me and the colors of all the artificial lights… which is something I’ve grown to appreciate… Especially tail lights and stop lights at night…

Actually found two restos I had been driving by for years but never noticed. A mexican place and vietnamese place.

That time of day is very calm.


Beach sand is like glitter. Once it’s there, it’s there forever. Plus the ocean is always noisy.

That’s a very poetic way of putting it, J.

I wish I could experience that a lot of days, and you are blessed that you can do so. I love the beach.

I make sure to catch both of the magical parts of the day.

Sunset i wake up and watch it go down, a bit after sunrise i go to bed.

Nice aspects of the day. Gotta go with j, truely magical.