1.99 stamped on it

and yet it was 3.99. but I didn’t fight. rather I just bought 1 pack less.

I’m a push-over.


The point of sale terminals make mistakes too often. And too often in the store’s favor.


I heard this first back in the 1970’s.
Whatever label is on a canned or packaged food in a Supermarket, they have to honor the lowest one. So even if they make a mistake and put a 5 cent price tag on a can of food by mistake when it really is $1.50 they are required to sell it to you at that cheap 5 cent price. I’ve heard this many times.


but the cashier person looked pretty cool, so I kind-of rolled over.

usually i don’t though. lucky cashier!

They probably would have understood if you pointed it out. But don’t feel bad about it.

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when I worked at a big name retail store someone in the store moved a 5 dollar plant over to be behind a 2 dollar sign and I was told by the manager at the time to give it to the customer until someone moved the plants over to the right sign I did 22 over rides that day and nearly got in trouble until the manager stepped forward and said he was responsible.