1.5 years Post-Psychotic Relapse

Hello all,

I’ve been doing quite well since I got on the right meds. I’m able to continue college without my grades tanking like I’d expect. I’ve had no major problems with delusions, hearing voices, or mania thankfully. I might actually become a well adjusted person in society with an actual steady job if I play my cards right.

Hopefully nothing goes wrong.


What meds are you on?

Geez. Sounds great. I hope it continues.

Thorazine and depakote. I think my situation was mild compared to most. I was diagnosed with schizophreniform disorder after a period of mania.

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That’s an older drug with lots of side effects. I think you need regular bloodtests like clozapine. They both can lower white blood cells and immune function.

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It isn’t the best for sure. It was difficult finding the right type for me. Risperdal was used and I got insomnia and it wasn’t effective for dealing with psychosis. They tried testing several different drugs and found one that was effective.


Yea if its working great with no serious side effects then that’s very good.

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