1.5 miles run went well

Yesterday I did my deadlift and back routine, including 405lbs x five reps on the deadlift. Today I ran 1.5miles in 13:05 minutes. I am trying to get back into military fitness and be more athletic than muscle bound. I like being in official badass shape. The military and FBI and other gov’t organizations use the 1.5 mile run as a gold standard, along with pull ups, among easier things like push ups and sit ups. They don’t use deadlifts!

It’s been almost three months off cigs and I am on the 14mg patch every day and I take it off at night, so I am getting about 7mg of nicotine per day. I feel its effects on my cognitive performance (it keeps me thinking straight and relatively relaxed and on track). I lowered my dosage to 7mg and couldn’t think as clearly so that isn’t happening. I guess the patch really beats inhaling carcinogens.


I didn’t know that about the military and FBI. When I was in P.E. in high school they used to have the whole class run a mile and a half every Wednsday for time. They gave us 15 minutes. Nobody liked doing it but nevertheless lots of people treated it like a competition including me and we tried to beat our friends times and beat our own records. After over 35 years, I still remember that my best time was about 9 minutes and thirty seconds. I beat you Mortimer!!

Mortimercat :laughing:


That was me in art class today.

“Well I think that this artist was alluding to…(two minutes of rambling later) sex. Sex as in biological sex, as in male or female, not intercourse or reproduction.”

professor: “Well I can certainly see how you came to that interpretation, [professional rhetoric for fifteen seconds].”

CUTE! What a good little student :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I think I would have a nervous breakdown, if I was in school again. However I did get my BS- that was before my issues started. I don’t even use the thing now. It was in design, so was way easier schooling then yours. I’m sure.

Nice. Keep up the good work.

I have two questions. How do you deal with being in a closes space with many people and with bright lights and not get anxious? Second, have you noticed a difference between the nicotine patches and cigarettes? Do you notice an increase in cognitive performance? Thanks.

The patch is pretty much mainlined nicotine, it’s transdermal. I have noticed that I am not quite as focused, or as “frosty” as I call it on less nicotine. I drink more caffeine to compensate.

I don’t get anxious easily because I am confident to begin with, if not abrasive to some, and I am on an anxiolytic.

Nicotine addiction is bad, difficult to quit, I ride my bicycle at least 10 miles a day and I feel good after riding my bike.

I’m not nearly as fit as I used to be. When I was in the army I ran 2 miles in 13:30, but now I couldn’t possibly do that. I walk for two hours a day, and that helps control my weight, but as for being a bad ass, those days are over.

Well Done You! :smiley: