1.2K views on this Foodie thread

ah huh. well then they tell me it will take 50 minutes to read it all. no thanks.

Sorry! 15151515

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no problem. hope it’s a good one.

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Maybe I missed something ?? Where is this thread?

is it still your birthday? you should hear Morrissey.

My birthday was and went. What is Morrissey?

I sense anger or aggression. not trying to draw it. just a singer.

Maybe I can listen to this singer on Youtube? Autumn is already here, I went to ride my bicycle early today. I had to wear my wool hat and winter gloves. I am a little sad that the summer ended already.

it happened fast. yeah.

we’ve lost 2 and 3/4 hours of daylight.

It was +5 C (41 F) in this morning. Autumn is here already.

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