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PERHAPS , (to pixelf) ,

Perhaps Talk About How We Can Pull Others Out Of and Within Tha Darkness Voyd Of Scurd and Such ,

SInce You Are A Whatever You Called On Thus Forum ,

YOU Could Start A Private / Public Group To Help Others In Need … ,

Whatchoo Think Yo Yo (???)


15 15 15



Sounds like too much work.

Already coaching archery and starting a student broadcasting project at my kid’s school. And there’s all those school buses I drive. Schedule is kinda full.


Hmm ,

Nevermynde Then ,

How You Lyek My GOOGLE + Page Yo (?)

I liked some of the music. Don’t think we’d agree on much for politics. :wink:


Hmm ,

It Isn’t About Politics .

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(Part 2) - (Effort Among)

N E Hoo ,

Jus In Case You Missed Tha Presentation Of Such A Page Of Hope Love and Peace ,

Here It Be Again ,

and No I Do Naught Lyke Tha Picture Within Thus Thread OR Tha Jokes ,

So Here’s A Better One ,

But In Order To Fynde My Untouched GOOGLE + Page ,


Ok Back Ta Sleep(Y) ,

Whew It’s Been A Nyse Calm Nite ,

Lookin Forward To Some More Beautifulness (!!!) ,

YIPPIE (!!!) , (Part 2) … ,

Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo (!!!)