<(((---(0)[]> Gypsy Mirage <[](0)---)))>


The Odd, Unusual, Bizarre, Peculiar, Unexpected Stranger, Thought of as Being Strange. A Void, Submerged Within The Empty, And Unfamiliar. As The Stranger Speaks, a Voice Peculiar, And Hidden Among The Abnormal Gaze.

But!, You Don’t Know The Strange Stranger. Not His/Her Heart And Soul Anyways.

Which Carries The Reality of an Illusion With Every Witness Nearby. Where Certain Types of Individuals Judge Without Any Form of Commonsense Nearby in Any Sense. Whatsoever.

Sight And Sound. As The Strange Stranger Continues to Introduce His or Herself. The Jury Begins to Dance With The Mirage of Connectivity’s Purpose to Spin The Now Weak Stranger Out of Control. Where Even The Strange Stranger is Questioning His or Herself.

A New Entertaining Type of Circus For All Those Who Wallow inside Those Kinds of Illusions. A Sort of Hierarchy Where The Honestly Small, Beats Endlessly on Their Chests to Silence The Strange Stranger. A Kind of Protection From Being Swallowed By Their Own Creative Illusions And Judgement Upon The Strange, And Unusual Stranger.

From The Bottom Void of Illusions. All The Way to The Top of The Unusual Pyramid. Where Everyone Gets to Dance Their Dance. And Very Little is Accomplished on Either Side of The Fence, as Every Peasant to King or Queen, Ends Up Wasting Every Diamond Giving Voice. Every Second Now Ends Up Begging The Master of The Clocks to Find Some Way to End The Meaningless Games And Self Inflicted Wars.

Be it Reality. Be it Illusions. There is Only One Solid Way to Defeat The Part of The Universe Only Seen Behind Endless Fields in Front of a Curtain Silently Drifting in The Wind On a Very Large Stage. As The Dancing, Singing, And Performances, Continue to Play. The Witnesses Find Much Confusion Sitting On The Ground Watching, And Wondering if There is a Peaceful Ending to The Show.

But!, The Show Must Go On.

And We All Have to Play Our Part. Wake, Clean, Eat, Work, Rest, Eat, Clean, And Sleep Again. Where We All Get to Find a Spot On The Stage to Dance And Sing. Entertaining The Guardians of Nature. Sending Warmth & Fire. A Chill & Ice. Among All of Our Small to Large Future Plans.

Allow Peace to Join The Theatrical Play. And Maybe The Tides of Confusion Will Find a Calm That Hasn’t Been Felt For a Very Long, Seemingly Endless Time.


AIR Looks Invisible Because it Sends Very Little Color to Our Eyes. Most Objects Seem to Have Color Because They Absorb Some Light Wavelengths, or Colors, And Reflect Others Back to Us’.~ Illusion

God knows the stranger. But does he know himself?

Assertively I Say, God Would Like to Know The Stranger Completely. But Freewill is a Loophole. For He Cannot Predict or Control The Future On Any Large Scale. Unless!, He Decides to Put Another Judgement Upon Each And Every, Soul Still Free.

A More Humble, Honest Question Reflects From Your Question.

Does The Stranger Know God?.

That’s where you’re wrong. God knows the stranger completely. It’s God, after all. and the stranger understands Him better than a layperson. But the stranger has spent no time on his own development. So he remains a stranger without a meaningful identity.

The Unexpected Strange Stranger Defends Himself, Once Again. Will it Ever, End?.

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