0.1% Of The 10% Out Of The 100%

Hmm. . .

My Science My Not Be Directly Perfect.

But!, I Once Read That Being Diagnosed With Schizophrenia Completes As 10% Out Of The 100%.

After Some Personal Science, Putting Myself Under The Stars Up Above’s Microscopic Judgment.

I Have Concluded That I Am 0.1%, Out Of The 10%, Of The 100%.

Which Is Eerie, Ghastly, Strange, And Perhaps…, Hallowed (???).

What About You Dear Reader?.

Where Do You Fall Under That Same Microscope?.

~P.s. Hope, Trust, True Love, Honesty, Joy, And Endlessly Eternal Peace!.~ :smile:


Being The First Being To Admit Being Of The 0.1%. . .

Within The Institution Of The Cycle Of Life And Death. And Mental Health.

I Have Something Perhaps Strange/Eerie To Share.

I Am Working On A Creative Template. For Anyone As Confused As I Am Sometimes.


(As Alfred Hitchcock Would Say)

  • Let Us Begin. . .

<<<(((~Mystery Of Mysteries~)))>>>

<.>~Truth Is The Sphere In The Sphere Of A Vast Endless Landscape~<.>

<.>~Within The Sphere Of Truth Are Two Sphere’s, Sunlight & Moonlight~<.>

<.>~Both Light’s Connected By Wisdom, Passing Energy Back And Forth~<.>

<.>~The Energy Is Carried By Fascination, The Poetic Hearts~<.>

<.>~Through The Languages Of All Of The Senses Undiscovered~<.>

I Am Still Confused. (Quick Template Of A 0.1% Study: Work In Progress)

P.s. Hope, Trust, True Love, Honesty, Joy, And Endlessly Eternal Peace!.~ :smile:

qp|| Face Your Fears, And After You Succeed, You Will Realize It Wasn’t All That Bad |||+||| :smile:

qp|| The Voices In Mainstream Media & Entertainment May Not Always Make Sense, But They Can Sure Be Creative, That Much We All Can Agree On, No Matter Our Personal Systematic Beliefs |+|| :smile:

qp|| Even If You Find Yourself Slightly Trapped In A Negative Environment, Discovering And Sharing Any Form Of Pure Enlightenment Within Sphere’s Of Peace, Could Bring Clarity And Freedom |||+||| :smile:

Daily Walk 0.1)

qp|| The First Step In Achieving Your Goals, Is Knowing What Your Personal Goals Truly Are.

Daily Walk 0.2)

qp|| In Order To Find Natural Release Away From The Cages Of Self Defeat, And Sense Of Loss, Seek Cleanliness, Where You Will Be Able To Give Up On What Always Gives Up On You.

Daily Walk 0.3)

qp|| It Has Been Said, ‘Fools Rush In’, Which Jus Means, As You Step Into The Great Unknown Of A Future Set Before You, Among Your Good And Bad Choices, There Is No Need To Race Your Shadow, For That Walks With You Every Step You Take, So Why Rush Forward Into A Future That Isn’t Going Anywhere?. Reason, Purpose, And Clarity, For Your Brand New Exclusively Unique Wisdom.

Daily Walk 0.4)

qp|| Truth Is, The Universe Is At Your Fingertips. And That Goes Beyond Technology. Which Is Real Beyond Telescopes. Your Own Senses, Feeling The Reality Of Your Own Personal Reality. Inside Or Outside. Like Outerspace Being Felt In Your Own Backyard. Feeling The Warmth Of The Sun. The Chill In The Air. As The Seasons Slowly But Surely, Negotiate With Time. The Grace And Purity Of Nature.

Daily Walk 0.5)

qp|| I Am Frightened Because So Many Bad Thing’s Happened To Me In My Past. I Don’t Know What’s Going To Happen Tomorrow But!, It Usually Hurts. I Wonder Sometimes, If I Let Go Of The Past And Thought’s Of The Future. Will I Find Peace In The Now?. Does Peace Exist In Letting Go And Surrendering To Each Moment That Surround’s My Patience In Hope, And Love In Each Blink And Each Kind Breath From The Touch Of The Breeze?. Is That The Wisdom Of Trees?. To Be In Now & Growing.

Daily Walk 0.6)

qp|| Knowing That No Matter What, There Is A Possibility You Do Not Know Everything About Anything Is Pure Freedom, The Treasures Of Simplicity And Contentment, A Bliss Within A Quiet Joy, No Matter How Metaphorically Sharp The Noise In The Shadows Become. Each Side, Effort Of True Ignorance.

Daily Walk 0.7)

qp|| Seek Thyself, Know Thyself, Be Yourself. For You Are The King Or Queen Of Your Existence.

Daily Walk 0.8)

qp|| As The World Turns, The Hourglass Speaks With Hearts, Patience, Kindness, And Purity, A Form Of Clarity, To Fulfill The First Step Into Your Beautiful, Profound, Calm, Fulfilling, Honest Destiny

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