\(+)__(+) - Perhaps ///Hello /&\ Goodbye\\\ Perhaps - (+)___(+)/

Hello and a Slight bit of a Goodbye … ,

So Feel Free to Wish Me Well With Good Good Luck … ,

and Perhaps a Penny (OR) Two for these Thots … ,

KATY PERRY is One Beautiful Entertainer … ,


Tha List Goes On … ,

Maybe You To Beautiful Stranger Forumer Gurl (!!!) … ,

N e Hoo ,

Thus is a SLIGHT Goodbye … ,

Jus if You Don’t See Me For a Month , e(Y)e Have Moved on … ,

(jus in case theres one out there digging my posts) … ,

Wanted to Give Ya a Heads Up … ,

Jus L(Y)Ke TUPAC Said , KEEP YA HEAD UP (!!!) … ,

e(Y)e Trie … ,

Lord Knows e(Y)e Trie … ,

So … ,

If You Would L(Y)Ke to Introduce Your Ghostlie Self as a Way to Saye Hello and Goobye (maybe) All at tha Sayme T(Y)me Feel Free … ,

e(Y)e’m Naught Done Yet (e(Y)e don’t think) … ,

Did e(Y)e Tell tha Story of a Hawk Swooping Down (by) My Right Shoulder (???) … ,

He/She Was a Large One Too … ,

e(Y)e Was Dancing Outside L(Y)Ke a Weirdo to RADIOHEAD and it Jus Swooped L(Y)Ke a Rayzor Line … ,

as He (OR) She Swooped Back Up About Three Feet in Front of Me e(Y)e Laughed and Pointed at Him (OR) Her as He/She Swooped Up Into a Tree … ,

N e Hoo (Part 2) , , ,

That’s My Happiness Goodbye Story … ,

and What D(Y)D e(Y)e Learn from Such (???) … ,

Perhaps Evn Birds Are Getting Sad Out Here , Where it’s tha Sayme Story , Day in and Day out … ,

Strait Lyne to tha Car , , ,

Strait Lyne to tha House … ,

Do People Evn Look at Birds Anymore (???) … ,

e(Y)e Look For em’ Everytime e(Y)e Can … ,

That Hawk Was L(Y)Ke , , , " CHECK THUS OUT YO YO!! " … ,

Great Memory to Say tha Least … ,

Ok Thaz My Mini Hello to Newcomers , & , Mini Goodbyes to those Who Have Seen Me Do thus Before … ,

Either (OR) , , ,

Muchos Del Grande L.O.V.E. , , ,

To You and Yours (!!!)


(by) (tha) (way) … ,

Hottest Thread on tha Market … ,

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Get Involved While You STILL Can (!!!)

You’re Gonna L.O.V.E. it e(Y)e Promise (!!!) … ,

Better then Kool-Aid … ,

(by) (tha) (way … ,

Pick Up Some Kool-Aid (!!!) … ,

(jus an Example) - (of what new age scientists can do) - (jus an Example)

Tha Kool-Aid Mention an All … … …

Are you leaving?
I enjoy reading your posts. I don’t always reply, but I do read them. Also, I enjoy your unique way of typing them out. It’s like a form of art; a bit of your personality in every post.
I’m not much of a modern pop music fan, but I agree these female entertainers are beautiful, that is when they aren’t wearing 377,393,893,000 coats of makeup. I suppose as a male you don’t notice as much. But me, as a female I always notice and when people wear a lot of makeup, especially when they put all that stuff on their cheeks and nose to “contour”, makes them look weird. If I ever become a famous musician (which is my dream), I am going to wear either minimal, none, or clown makeup. Maybe the occasional masks. People might find it a bit odd, but I think in the music industry people focus too much on their image and appearance and not enough on the actual music.
I love watching birds. When I was in the hospital, I sat outside and watched birds a lot. I even watched a couple of sparrows…um… make love. The other patients were laughing and mocking them. It made me sad, because it’s just nature doing it’s thing. That wasn’t nice of them.
Well, that was my official hello. A bit long and ranting, but hello.

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e(Y)e Jus Woke Up and e(Y)e am One Groggy Froggy … ,

Lemme Jus Say First of All Thus … ,

Thank You .

For Your Honest Self & Your Hello Here … ,

e(Y)e Nvr Seen tha Birdies Make Love Before but they Don’t Want Me to See that , Too Embarrassed e(Y)e Imagine … ,

After You and Your Reply , Imma Stick it Out Some More , It’s Funni How One Person Can Change Your Perceptional Outlook on things … ,

You Are Right , e(Y)e Don’t Notice Much About Make-up … ,

As it Means a Lil Bit too You , It Means Jus as Enough to Me in a Subtractual Way , as to Saye , Whatever Workd to Get Out in that World , But thaz Jus Me … ,

My Response Feels too Little too Me rite Now , Jus Starting to Clear tha Cobwebs … ,

e(Y)e Want to Share a SonggG Witcha as Another thank You … ,

Lemme Know Whatcha Think (!!!)

Rite Here


(groggy froggy) - (YAP YAP) - (excited too)

You know youl be back…you can’t leave…I like reading your cryptic ass posts they make me think…lol the bouncer votes don’t go…

You Are Quite tha Bouncer @flameoftherhine , e(Y)e’ll Give Ya That … ,

Quite tha Bouncer INDEED (!!!)


I can’t tell if being the bouncer is good or bad…do we even need a bouncer? And how did I get the bouncer job…

How the Ever Loving Rock Star Hope Fufilled Promise of a Brighter Day Did e(Y)e Miss thus (???)

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Too Many Questions … ,

Jus Enjoi it (!!!) ,

BLARGH (!!!)

Lol good answer…one more question if I’m the bouncer what are you_?

God’s Second Son … ,

e(Y)e Know … ,

Weird … ,

e(Y)e Was Gonna Wait til Christmas to Let Errrone Know … ,

Blah Blah Blah … ,

You Ruin Everything (!!!)

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Lol this is why I vote you don’t leave…

Let’s Naught do a Vote … ,

it Won’t Look Good … ,

Awww Jeeze , Mite Needja as a Bouncer Here Also … ,



You’re welcome. And I agree, it’s strange how one opinion changes how you see things. Positive or negative.
As a woman, I guess I just see things differently when it comes to makeup. It bothers me when people wear a lot. It’s fine if you’re performing on stage or something, but not for every day. When my sisters do dance performances, they wear a lot and they look so different (and much older).
I guess I just got lucky to see those two birds, making love on top of the fence. At first I thought try were fighting each other, with all the wing flapping going on, then I realized what was happening. The female got annoyed very soon and walked away, then the male started to chase her. It was interesting, for sure.
Good song, very calming.

A quest? As a son of Odin I am oath bound to the old gods…we might have conflict of interest…there’s details we must work out…

Here Ye Here Ye … ,

Y.E.S. e(Y)e am Also Ready for thus Self Proclaimed Quest but Before We Get Into THAT … ,

As Tha Top Spherical Bouncer , How Do You Feel About @ShadowPuppet Here Tapping Her Feet Through thus Forest (???) … ,

Are You Ok With Her Breadcrumb Trail of Goodies (???) … ,

e(Y)e for One , am Insanely Excited (by) Her Mystery of Self Shadow Unwrapping (!!!) ,

How Bout Choo (???)

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Secrets abound…mysteries we may never unravel I agree she is intriguing to say the least …

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That Remyndes Me … ,

Here’s Thus … ,


(we may nvr know her true beauty) - (nevah nevah) - (we may nvr know her true beauty)

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Thanks for tha Welcome @ShadowPuppet … ,

e(Y)e Have thus Severe Bond with Birds … ,

When e(Y)e was Younger After my Grandmother Passed Away as Time Would Pass e(Y)e Would See Large Soaring Birds High High Up in thee Air … ,

Jus Floating Softly and e(Y)e Would Say to Myself ,

“there’s my grandma jus flying out there!” … ,

and it Formed a Tite Bond With Me and All Birds … ,

Then Jus Recently that one Hawk (OR) Whatever Swooped Close as Hell to Me and e(Y)e Was Paralyzed in Amazement as e(Y)e Danced tha Evening Away … ,

It Was Freakin Cool … ,

N e Hoo You are a Kind Soul , Jus Know that , Evn if We Don’t Talk Again … … … ,

(by) (tha) (way) ,

BJORK , Belongs to You Now , , ,

So Be Gentle with Her … ,

She’s Delicate as a Baby Rose (!!!)

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Back to tha Mercy at Hand … ,

“old Gods” … ,

Does thus Mean God and (OR) Gods Before Our Christian God (???) ,

As if tha God e(Y)e Speak of Has a Father and (OR) Bloodline of His Own (???)


Dad Nevah Told Me About that … ,

HMPH (!!!)