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Unusual Beliefs

Religious content clarification (6)
Unusual Beliefs, Delusions, and Hallucinations (7)
I was Created by An Entity Beyond Us to be Its Brush (8)
Light and dark places and beings, aliens also (4)
There are No Contradictions in Nature (4)
Need AP now (1)
I feel like i'm at home here? (5)
I need to talk about what is happening (16)
Inner Voice (8)
I just need to get this off my chest, I feel awful (5)
Strong emotional lucid dreams (8)
I feel like I don’t belong in this world (10)
Somebody's cursing at me (7)
What Is What? Seriously. Do you know or not? (6)
What if when we die (12)
Maybe there's a real connection between me & unknown others (7)
I give the finger to the sky and ceiling (15)
Why do I worry about harassers (4)
Matter vs energy (8)
Brain videos (10)
This girl in my IOP really upsetting me (4)
Aliens are watching me and reading my thoughts ( 2 3 4 5 ) (81)
People talking about my thoughts (9)
It's the randomness that gets me (6)
Do you ever do this? (11)
Sob shadows (6)
Voices They r hard to is believe? (10)
What's the difference between being "schizophrenic" and being "psychic"? (4)
Drigger warning im psychotic (6)
Language was a conspiracy over my cradle! how eloquent (2)