Hidden features in Discourse guide (3)

Here's a good guide to stuff hidden in Discourse:

If you @ someone in a PM that they’re not a part of, can they still see the PM? ( 2 ) (25)
We have a troll (5) App (7)
(Poll) what do you think? (15)
I feel there are "new users" on here who only want to spam, advertise and sow discord on here (5)
A new law intended to curb sex trafficking threatens the future of the internet (3)
May I have a tagline please? (14)
To All the Mods ( 2 3 ) (42)
This is an automated message from (4)
Why would you do that? (5)
If I post a pic (4)
You can't flag things anymore (12)
Ok. I'll bite... Why was my thread deleted? :roll_eyes: ( 2 ) (26)
Saw an f-bomb make it through unfiltered yesterday ( 2 ) (38)
How can I find all the links and urls I've posted? (4)
Why are pms limited to 500 posts (6)
Is this forum a social media site? (14)
Is the mobile site messed up for anyone else? (8)
Why my avatar doesn't show (8)
Optimization offer - to add a section on how to approach researches (2)
Was @flameoftherhine on meds? (7)
Just got told that my "first ever post" needs to be approved by a mod (14)
New sentence under username (13)
Guidelines badge (14)
Mods I want a break. Could you silence me for 2 weeks? (5)
What did I say wrong? (12)
May I have a tagline please? (3)
Hello mods (6)
How many members use this site? (10)