Hidden features in Discourse guide (3)

Here's a good guide to stuff hidden in Discourse:

One of my badges has gone missing (8)
Psychosis spectrum (10)
Questions for @szadmin. Poll for users (2)
I am going to call the police (4)
Name Tag Line (4)
What is so wrong with a few ads to generate income for the upkeep of the site? (4)
Two weeks for locking lounge topics is really too short (18)
Mod can you delete my hashtag thing thanks (4)
Hey friends - gonna be on here less for a while (7)
Account deleted help (7)
Religious posts (13)
What's the deal? (4)
Poll: Does the Flagging System on this site work effectively? (12)
Can mods change my username? (10)
Rhubot please reinstate my Private Messaging Rights (4)
Is this too long to go by my name? (7)
How does anonymizing your account work now? (11)
Pixel, you be the coolest guy on the site, want you back as a mod (3)
I like the lounge because (5)
Please annon my account ( 2 ) (31)
I clicked on dismiss New and now I can't see new topics (3)
How to copy/paste on this forum? (14)
The mods never review a flag, don't make an evaluation, they just call it done (4)
Can we delete all of the images we've uploaded from the camera roll in our phone? (9)
Szadmin?!? (3)
I did something (11)
And the hatred I get is nothing compared to the life like this (8)
I'm not a mod, but I want to encourage people on the forum to flag anything they find upsetting! (6)
The option unusual belief disappeared (15)