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What does "like a zombie" mean to you? (14)
Leaving the house today (20)
I'll start invega 3 mg (2)
TORMENT bc my life sucks (2)
Iā€™m so scared (13)
Crisis stay (6)
What's your current situation? ( 2 ) (39)
do you ever analyze people? (2)
Tinnitus 54321 (18)
Right..... Brained (6)
I'm thinking of writing my life story exclusively in Braille (13)
How am I aging so poorly? (10)
Coming off medication (19)
I wish they would just kick my ass and get it over with (13)
Derealisation, what is that like for you (5)
I find it hard to recover on the paranoia ( 2 ) (31)
How do I find someone who would get involved with me and really care about me? (17)
Do you know what to do with your time? (7)
I love my life (2)
Crying cos I can't read (10)
Disability assessment for my gf (8)
My beloved cat is gone ( 2 ) (32)
My pdoc took me off of haldol (17)
Mood lability (5)
I am unstable (13)
Anybody depressed that you have family or loved ones who have to deal/live with you (14)
Anyone of you folk have advice for online dating? (10)
Anyone here treated with cognitive behavior therapy (CBT)? (7)
To reduce negative symptoms and becoming more alert (1)